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Dwight Trible - Cosmic


Dwight Trible

“Cosmic” is the long awaited recording by Dwight Trible, one of the most prolific vocalists of the time. This recording is the follow up to his critically acclaimed “Living Water” which made a big impression throughout the world. On Cosmic, Dwight brings an A-list cast of characters to bring forth his heartfelt expressions of love for human kind and for love itself. Musicians like Grammy nominee John Beasley and long time collaborator Munyungo Jackson help create the Cosmic landscape. Also noted are appearances by Kenneth Crouch, Trevor Ware, Dexter Story, George Harper, Kamau Daaood, Peter Jacobson, and Justo Almario. With a cast like this it is easy to imagine all of the musical territory covered in this recording.
Kahil El’Zabar - It’s Time

It’s Time

Kahil El’Zabar

“It’s Time” is Kahil El’Zabar’s call to healing through dance. With this recording, El’Zabar puts into motion a new genre he has named avant house. Taking various elements from the Avant Garde jazz expression that remains so strong and so much a part of Chicago’s creativity, and merging them with the creative energy of a more modern form Chicago’s creative music expressed through House Music. “It’s Time” breaks down the barriers that separate these generations and perfectly gives them a place to coexist in an effort to strengthen the community of independent artists that flourish through free expression. El’Zabar calls on long time mentor and collaborator Nona Hendryx to validate the cause and ring the bell.  “It’s Time” will open new doors and breathe new life into artistic expression for generations to come.
The Ancestors Are Amongst Us

The Ancestors Are Amongst Us

Kahil El'Zabar's Ritual Trio featuring Lester Bowie and Malachi Favors

This is a very special recording of historical importance. The Ritual Trio in it's original configuration (featuring Lester Bowie and Malachi Favors) recorded live in Saafelden in 1987. This recording brings back to life the vibrant sounds of Lester Bowie and Malachi Favors in a way unlike many other recordings that have surfaced since each of their deaths. Since they are playing together and this was during a very active period for the Art Ensemble, they are able to have a stripped down conversation on similar lines with Kahil kind of directing the flow and interpreting this unique musical language in his own way. It is often quite magical.
Famoudou Don Moye - For Bobo - Sun Percussion Summit & More

For Bobo - Sun Percussion Summit & More

Famoudou Don Moye

For Bobo is a powerhouse recording from one of the most enigmatic figures in the jazz world. Famoudou Don Moye, widely known for his drum and percussion work with the Art Ensemble of Chicago stretches out into other realms with his Sun Percussion Summit and more. This recording was a follow up to Afrikan Song by Famoudou Don Moye and Enoch Williamson's Sun Percussion Summit. The bass player on Afrikan Song was Oscar Brown III, better known as Bobo. Bobo was killed in a fatal crash and this is the group's tribute to his memory and spirit. It also features 2 other members who have since passed on, Joel Brandon, and Meshach Silas. With and all star cast of characters this musical journeys through various forms of Afrikan American musical tradition. Definitely a ride worth taking.
Phil Cohran - Armageddon

Phil Cohran - Armageddon

Yet another materpiece from the archives of Phil Cohran. Armageddon was first conceived in 1958 and written down in 1963. After playing with Sun Ra and benefitting from the teachings of the Honorable elijah Muhammad, Phil Cohran's compositions changed decidedly, and he began to focus on cosmology and culture. This particular performance was recorded live at the Affro Arts Theatre at 3900 S. Drexel in Chicago on February 11, 1968. It has never been released and practically has not been heard in over 40 years.
Art Ensemble of Chicago - Kabalaba

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Kabalaba

Another historical recording from one of the most prolific groups in jazz. Recorded live in Montreaux, in 1974, Kabalaba captures the Art Ensemble during a very strong period for the group. With Muhal Richard Abrahams featured as a special guest, this is a very rare treasure. Kabalaba was originally released on vinyl independently on the Art Ensemble's own label (AECO) in the 70's and reissued on CD in limited quantities. This is the first time that this treasure will be widely available.
Tammy McCann - Never Let Me Go

Tammy McCann - Never Let Me Go

"Never Let Me Go" is the follow up to Tammy McCann's Katalyst debut "Classic." Produced by the legendary Henry Johnson, who has worked with Nancy Wilson and Joe Williams, among others, this is a vocal masterpiece that explores new approaches to standards while remaining traditionally creative with new material and songs that were not really considered jazz until now. With a selection of powerhouse musicians in Chicago (Ari Brown, Harrison Bankhead, Ernie Adams, Mike Logan, and Henry Johnson himself),this recording is an example of what can happen when such an array of musical proficiency can come together to create something special. Definitely not to be missed!
Roscoe Mitchell solo concert

Roscoe Mitchell Concert

Originally released on Sackville recordings in 1974 as The Roscoe Mitchell Solo Saxophone Concerts, this historical reissue has been remastered and contains the same material as the original, which is primarily solo concerts from Montreal, Michigan and Pori, Finland recorded in 1973-1974. It captures Roscoe Mitchell in a very important period in his development as a musician as he started exploring his own solo voice again after a very productive period with the Art Ensemble of Chicago. It beautifully displays his virtuosity and range on the different horns in the saxophone family, and many of the melodies he explores in these recordings were expanded on in his later works. It is truly a peek into how some of his elaborate compositions may have begun.
Kahil El'Zabar's Rtual Trio "Ooh Live!"

Kahil El'Zabar's Rtual Trio - Ooh Live!

Ooh Live! Is sure to be a modern jazz collector's item. The music is that powerful. This is one of Pharoah Sanders finest performances in years, and the Ritual Trio stays true to their unique magic of music making. There is a spellbounding quality for this entire performance, and upon listening, one will be completely transformed. The combination of these particular players in terms of who they have all performed with throu the years represents the pantheon of Jazz greats! Sure to become a legendary This historical unit of jazz luminaries is sure to recording in evidence to the prolific garner enormous press worldwide telepathy and technical execution of these endowed spirits. Extensive touring schedule throughout 2008.
Phil Cohran "On The Beach"

Phil Cohran - On The Beach

A re-reissue of the classic "On the Beach" recording of Phil Cohran and the Artistic Heritage Ensemble. This record was previously available in limited quantities and out of print until now due to the collaborative efforts of Kelan Zulu productions and Katalyst Entertainment This historic recording is the definitive representation of one of the most significant groups of this era in jazz history. With several legendary musicians including guitarist Pete Cosey, percussionist Henry Gibson, Louis Satterfield on bass, and Donald Myrick on sax, "On the Beach" is a must have for jazz fans everywhere.
Art Ensemble of Chicago "Fundamental Destiny"

Art Ensemble of Chicago - Fundamental Destiny

A rare recording of an historic event! The production team of Aeco and Katalyst have once more gone through the vast archives of the Art Enesmble of Chicago to come up with another gem. Featuring the Classic lineup of possibly one of the most innovative groups in the history of Jazz (Lester Bowie - trumpet, Roscoe Mitchell - Saxophone, Joseph Jarman - Saxophone, Malachi Favors Moghostut - Bass, Famoudou Don Moye - Drums & Percussion, this concert recording at the Frankfurt Jazz Festival in 1991, also features world reknown pianist Don Pullen in one of his rare appearances with the whole group. His concepts explore numerous subtleties and nuances within the improvisational potentials of their original compositions and intensifies the ever present energy of the group. A must have title in the ongoing book that is "Great Black Music - Ancient to the Future".
Tammy McCann “Classic”

Tammy McCann - Classic

When asked to describe Tammy McCann’s voice, saxophonist Von Freeman declared “Everyone who hears her loves her. She’s a natural talent.” A bold proclamation from a renowned musician, but McCann fulfills, even surpasses, claims of her vocal prowess. Following her performance at a recent Mahalia Jackson tribute, McCann obliged new found admirers with autographs and copies of her latest CD, aptly entitled “Classic.” Packed with moving renditions of jazz masterpieces, “Classic” effectively reaffirms the admirable sentiment of Von Freeman and others. According to Chicago pianist Ramsey Lewis, listeners are not left aching for traditional versions of the selections on “Classic.” Instead, Mr. Lewis depicts McCann as a “performer who knows how to get the most out of” a chart, by breathing “new life into [the] evergreens” of the vocal jazz tradition.
The album commences with a Latin tinged version of the Rogers and Hammerstein favorite “Happy Talk,” allowing Tammy to demonstrate clarity and precision at a challenging tempo. While the tempo may relax on subsequent ballads like Nina Simone’s “Black is the Color” or Billy Strayhorn’s “Lush Life,” the emotional intensity remains.
Enjoy the ride presented by “Classic” by purchasing the album at cdbaby.com.
Phil Cohran “The Malcom X Memorial”

Phil Cohran - The Malcom X Memorial

Historical Jazz from some of the most influential musicians in Black Music. Enjoy Phil Cohran’s “The Malcom X Memorial” by purchasing the album at cdbaby.com.
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